The Roanoke Girls – Review


How are there no male heirs? I mean really??? None? Not one, in 2 generations??? I mean there are several women having babies and at least 1 has had multiple babies. No boys…. Hmmmm.

People at Roanoke are WAY TOO complacent!!! They just live their life with a monster among them and it’s just another day on the farm. Not to mention the two love interests know something seems off or iffy and yet they don’t say anything to anyone. AND…. the best part…. ONE OF THEM BECOMES A COP!!!! WTF!!!!! I just can’t with this. 

The relationships in this book are the spawn of a dumpster fire and a train wreck. Each one is messed up a little more than the one before. 

Allegra and Tommy – Oy how do I even… Tommy is head over heels in love with Allegra and she’s not entirely interested she just loves to have her hooks in Tommy and keep him from anyone else. She strings him along all through high school, and then after high school he decides he’s had enough and he decides to marry a nice girl from town. He’s happy he has the wife and home he’s always wanted that he knows Allegra won’t give him (yet continues to pine for). Then, Allegra realizes that Tommy has moved on and just to prove that he isn’t over her and can’t get her out of his head she seduces him and he sleeps with her. Obviously, Allegra gets pregnant. Oh and did I mention Tommy’s wife is having trouble getting pregnant. Ugh. 

Lane and Cooper – Lane moves in with her Grandparents one summer and starts hanging around with Allegra, Tommy, and Cooper (Tommy’s friend). Yep, a match made in book heaven right… WRONG. Lane and Cooper wouldn’t know a good relationship if it ran them over, backed up and hit them again… and again… and again… and again… and again… and again…. you get the picture. Lane’s mom never showed her any love and she was just a hot mess; also, Lane never knew her dad. Cooper’s dad beat his mom until Cooper finally stood up for her. So now that we have a brief understanding of the amazing role models these kids had. Lane wanted to be with Cooper but he wasn’t into relationships, so she settled for just sleeping with him all over town. 

Then there is Grandpa and the “relationships” he had with his sisters, daughters, and granddaugters…. ew. That’s all I’m saying, because no. I did not sign up to read about someone’s Daddy-Granddad and Sister-Cousin action.

I’m just going to leave you with a final thought… This is a book that I think would even make V.C. Andrews blush… from beyond the grave of course. 

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