Favorite Booktubers

There are so many aspects of the Book Community that I absolutely love. Whether it be Goodreads Groups, Facebook Groups, and of course Twitter stalking my favorite authors and bloggers. The biggest soft spot I have for the book community centers around the BookTubers. I’ve learned about so many different books and as a result I’ve read books I never would have picked up on my own. Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite BookTubers and some information about them all.

What is BookTube?

Before we jump into the list I think it’s important to first cover what exactly is a BookTuber. According to Wikipedia (because everything on Wikipedia is true BTW) BookTube refers to the group of content creators on YouTube that film videos based on books. There are so many different kinds of videos; vlogs, book hauls, unhauls, reading reactions, recommendations, reviews, read-a-thons, and many many more.

How do I find BookTubers to watch?

I’ve recently been going through a phase where I’m absolutely loving Mystery/Thrillers and I’ve wanted to get some great recommendations, but I didn’t know where to start. So, in my time of need I went to YouTube and decided to search for Mystery/Thriller reviews and I was amazed at how many videos there were. My recommendation if you’re looking for videos or channels to watch is to just search what types of books you’re interested in and go from there.

My Favorite BookTubers (finally)…


Heather from Bookables

Heather has some amazing content. She has great vlogs, book hauls, TBR videos, unboxing videos of book subscription boxes, reviews, and also bookshelf tours. She’s extremely creative and she always has some interesting content on her channel.

Favorite Genres: Contemporary, Adult Fictions, and YA.


Regan from PeruseProject

Regan has some amazing book recommendations, and she has some really great reading vlogs. Almost every weekend she films her reading and you get to see how she squeezes reading into her daily life, and also hear her thoughts as she’s reading the books (which I think is the most interesting part). While Regan does love reading she also loves clothing and fashion so you’ll see some of that content on her channel as well.

Favorite Genres: Mostly YA fantasy but recently she’s been reading some adult fantasy. Occasionally she’ll read some Contemporary.


Kayla from BooksandLala

Kayla was one of the first BookTubers that I found when I was first exploring YouTube. She has an amazing way with words and she’s not afraid to tell you what she really thinks about a book. She is very creative with her content and always comes out with something new. Some of my favorites are: 3 Thrillers, Read-a-thon vlogs, unhauls, recommendations, overly specific recommendations, and other miscellaneous videos. In addition to her book content she also has some bullet journal content from time to time.

Favorite Genres: Adult Mystery / Thrillers, occasional YA, Middle Grade, and Children’s Books.


Emily from BookswithEmilyFox

Emily is a new BookTuber for me, but she’s quickly become one of my favorites. Her videos are very unique and I love that she has some content that pushes the envelope. She has done several videos about reacting to unpopular bookish opinions, her favorite books of 2019 (so far), and her monthly wrap ups and TBR videos are so in-depth. She is also doing a year long challenge to read a book from every category of the Goodreads Book Awards. She has some great opinions and she also enjoys reading books that aren’t necessarily new.

Favorite Genres: Sci-fi and Fantasy (mostly adult)


Hannah from TheRainyReader

If you like graphic novels then you’ve found the right channel. Hannah has been reading a lot of graphic novels and comics lately and she’s introduced me to some great books. She frequently has her husband in her videos and he’s a big graphic novel/comic enthusiast. He also loves fantasy books as well, and they have great recommendations. In addition to her videos Hannah and Gabby from GabsAboutBooks run a Goodreads book club called The Muggle Studies Bookclub. They have monthly picks that you can read along with them and then they have a live show each month and you can discuss what you read with them. It’s a great experience.

Favorite Genres: YA, Contemporary, Graphic Novels, Comics, and Fantasy


Gabby from GabsAboutBooks

Gabby is a new YouTuber for me, and I found her through TheRainyReader channel. She is the other half of the Muggle Studied Bookclub. She is a huge Harry Potter fan. She has great reading vlogs, TBR videos, and read-a-thon vlogs.

Favorite Genre: YA, Contemporary, and YA Fantasy


Jesse from JessetheReader

Jesse has a lot of high energy and kind of off the wall videos which makes his channel super entertaining and fun to watch. He does the typical videos but with a twist. One of my favorites that he did was following other BookTuber’s reading routines to see how they worked for him. It was pretty funny and he actually ended up learning some things about his reading routine. He has some really great videos that he does with other BookTubers, and he is also part of an online Bookclub called Booksplosion.

Favorite Genres: Mostly YA and some Graphic Novels


Zoe from ReadbyZoe

Zoe is by far one of my absolute favorite BookTubers ever! She is so genuine and nice. She has some really great thoughts about the books that she reads and she loves to have fun making her videos. She’s kind of quirky which I think is the best part! Her 24 Hour Readathon vlogs are by far my favorite videos on BookTube. She usually gets her Dad involved and she’s always up to something interesting.

Favorite Genres: YA

Okay, that’s my list of favorites in no particular order. If you love to watch BookTube and you think there are some channels I should check out be sure to let me know down below. If you watch any of the channels I listed let me know that too!

Until next time!


    1. Hi Asha! Thanks for stopping by! I have not seen her channel, but I just went and watched several of her videos. Definitely subscribing! I love the way she breaks the books down and provides her thoughts. Her videos with Scottish Husband are pretty great as well! Thanks for recommending it to me!

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