A Study in Charlotte – Brittany Cavallaro

The last thing Jamie Watson wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged father. But that’s not the only complication: Sherringford is also home to Charlotte Holmes, the famous detective’s great-great-great-granddaughter, who has inherited not only Sherlock’s genius but also his volatile temperament. From everything Jamie has heard about Charlotte, it seems safer to admire her from afar.

From the moment they meet, there’s a tense energy between them, and they seem more destined to be rivals than anything else. But when a Sherringford student dies under suspicious circumstances, ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie can no longer afford to keep his distance. Jamie and Charlotte are being framed for murder, and only Charlotte can clear their names. But danger is mounting and nowhere is safe—and the only people they can trust are each other.

My Thoughts:

One afternoon at work I was sitting at my desk scrolling through the audiobooks available through my local library and I came across this book. I’ve seen it several times on the shelf, and I’ve also seen several vloggers reviewing it on BookTube. The reviews looked good, and I have been on a mystery kick lately so I figured I’d give it a shot. I had no idea what I was in for. I. ABSOLUTELY. ADORED. THESE. CHARACTERS. This book was the breath of fresh air I had been missing from my reading lately. I have been in a book slump for several months and this was exactly what I needed to pull myself out of it.

I loved the interactions between the character. Charlotte is more direct and gruff and was written perfectly! Jamie was sincere, patient, and empathetic. They were the perfect yin and yang, and honestly I believe that’s what made this book so great. The balance they had was superb and the way their personal growth throughout the book helped to advance their growth as a unit as well as advance their case as well. 

The romance was subtle and wasn’t taking over the story which I think added to the story even more. There is not any insta-love in this story. In fact it’s almost more of an intellectual love. 

I haven’t read any actual Sherlock Holmes stories before so I didn’t understand the references, so I’m grateful that the author added a bit of a backstory and explanation of each of the stories. I almost wish she would have used that opportunity to break the 4th wall and speak directly to the reader, but the way she did it works has well. I just think having that interaction would have pulled me into the story even more. 

Overall, I liked this book a lot and I’ve already borrowed the second book from the library. Starting it now!

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