Top 5: Books to take on a deserted island

There are age old questions; which came first the chicken or the egg, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound, and my personal favorite what books would you take with you to a deserted island?  This is not a question I take lightly, and though I wasn’t able to narrow it down to individual books, I think I made a fairly inclusive list. Here are my Top 5 in no particular order.

Illuminae series.jpg

The first book on my list is the Illuminae series by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. This series is so much fun. I loved how the story grew and evolved until it just explodes in Obsidio. The story centers on 6 main characters (you meet a set in each book), and basically they are trying to keep a high powered group from covering up a huge incident that killed a ridiculous number of people and almost destroyed a planet. The books is written in a mixed media format, and the story is told through journal entries, chat messages, emails, surveillance footage, and drawings. All three books were equally amazing so I couldn’t pick just one. Also, I recommend if you’re going to dive into these books listen to the audiobooks as you read along. There is a full cast of characters and it really helps to bring the story to life.


While we’re talking about series… This manga series is absolutely amazing! Its the story of a group of high school students, and how they befriend the new boy in school. The main character Naho receives a letter from herself from the future. She blows the letter off, but then things that she mentioned in the letter start happening. This series took my heart by storm. I didn’t know what to expect going into this series, and this was one of my first tries reading manga. This book is very hard hitting and does deal with a suicide trigger. If that’s something your sensitive about then I suggest trying a different manga (let me know if you’d like a separate post with manga recommendations).


Pride & Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books. It’s a classic that I was forced to read in college and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are perfectly flawed but together they are perfectly perfect. The writing style and language used takes a bit of getting used to but if you can soldier through it, it’s well worth the effort.


Okay, unless you live under a rock you’ll know the next one. Also, you’ll immediately understand why I couldn’t choose just one book. Though, if you’re going to force me, Goblet of Fire is my absolute favorite of the series. However, I don’t feel as though you can read just one. These are the Pringles of the book community. The characters and world building in this series alone could keep my mind happy for years to come. When books like this come along they absolutely blow me out of the water and I just can’t help but sit and stare at them in awe of the mind that was able to weave these stories together and create such a rich and thriving adventure.

island This book is completely different than all the others on this list. This was originally a self published book by a local author that I just happened to find on Kindle for probably 99 cents. I picked it up on a whim and spent the next several hours devouring this story. This is the story of a woman who is hired by a wealthy family to tutor their son while they’re on vacation for the summer. Stuff and things happen and she and the boy are stranded on a deserted island. The story of how these two go from strangers to friends who trust and rely on each other is beautiful and moving. It’s not my typical read, but I loved every word on every page.  On the Island the movie has been in the works for several years, and as far as I know is still being made and will be coming to a theater near you in the coming years.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of books I’d bring to a deserted island. What books would you bring? Do you have any ideas of future top 5 lists you’d like to see, be sure to leave them in the comments! Thanks for visiting!

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