Is anyone still out there?

Recently, I’ve been enthralled with books again, and I’ve been devouring them so quickly. I haven’t been giving myself the time to update the ole book blog and as a result things are getting pretty damn dusty around here. So, I’m trying this again, I know you’ve heard this before. I’m going to revive this old withered beast and breathe new life in her.  I figured a good way to ease back into blogging and not become overwhelmed and running to hide under my covers would be to do a weekly Top 5 post. I loved this idea. I figured that my few but fabulous followers wanted to read about more than what I’m reading, what I thought of it, and all that blah blah blah. This blog needs some spice, a redesign, and honestly a good hard kick square in this ass.

A quick update on the blog before we get into the good stuff… I have some thoughts, and I need your help… and I mean it, your opinion could absolutely help reshape and redefine this blog and how it works best for you! What I’m thinking is this…

  1. New blog name? Yes or no? If yes, what are some ideas? I’m totally open to some input on this one. The more suggestions the better.
  2. New content. What are you interested in? What do you want or expect from a book blog? Mind you, it doesn’t have to be book related. If you want to hear from me about my general musings, or my life, or hell what I think of the latest episode of Shadowhunters (btw Jace… SWOON), then let me know that.
  3. Lastly, how often do you want to hear me ramble, I mean post reviews and stuff.

If you have any thoughts on these three questions or if you just want to tell me what you had for breakfast please reach out in the comments below. I am so ready to make this blog part of my life again, and I miss talking with all of you. I miss hearing about what you’re reading or if you completely disagree with my reviews.

With all that being said, I hope you’re all happy, healthy, and seeing your dreams come true.

Until next time….



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