Where have I been?

Hey, hello… It’s been a long time. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been and where my content has been hiding. If not, then you can skip over this post. It’s been some time since I last posted a review, and to be honest that’s not for lack of want. So, lets start at the beginning.

In April, I took on a project at work. Most of you probably don’t know what my day job is, but I am a Commercial Insurance Underwriter and I work on policies that are $50K and larger. This project I was assigned to is a HUGE deal and could benefit my career in the long run so I didn’t feel like I had much option but to take the project. Also, my organizing brain was super stoked at the idea of being able to put my organizational skills to the test. Working on this project quickly took over my life and I found myself with little time to read or blog. When I did find the time to read I was too mentally exhausted to sit down and read. I mostly wanted to do something that I could just zone out on. Unfortunately, my reading had to take a back seat to this obscenely large and time consuming project.

Not only was this project taking over my life, but I’ve been in an epic book slump. I feel like I’ve been on a one way street and I can’t seem to find any exits. I’ve just been going and going in a straight line with no way to loop myself back around to my normal existence.  I haven’t wanted to read much at all. I’d pick up a novel or 20 and read the first chapter or several chapters and fizzle out on it; this has also contributed to the vast reduction in the content I typically produce.

Throughout the past several months I haven’t read much in the way of novels but I have read several graphic novels and a couple manga (which is completely new to me). I will be playing catch-up with all the reviews I should have posted months ago and will hopefully have new reviews coming as well.

Mostly, I just want to thank you all for sticking with me and being here with me for this adventure. I look forward to posting some reviews and interacting with you all in the future!

Much love!


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