Someday, Somewhere – Review

Dominique is a high school junior from a gritty neighborhood in Trenton, where she and her mom are barely getting by.

Ben is a musical prodigy from the Upper East Side, a violinist at a top conservatory with obsessive talent and a brilliant future.

When Dom’s class is taken to hear a concert at Carnegie Hall, she expects to be bored out of her mind. But then she sees the boy in the front row playing violin like his life depends on it — and she is transfixed.

Posing as an NYU student, Dom sneaks back to New York City to track down Ben Tristan, a magnetic genius who whisks her into a fantasy world of jazz clubs and opera, infatuation and possibility. Each sees something in the other that promises to complete them.

As Dom’s web of lies grows, though, so does Ben’s obsessive need to conquer Beethoven’s famous Kreutzer Sonata. But Ben’s genius, which captivates Dominique, conceals a secret, and the challenges of her life may make it difficult to help him.

Alternating perspectives and an unreliable narrator create suspense and momentum, romance and heartbreak. Author Lindsay Champion’s deep roots in theater and music are evident on every page — structured like a sonata with hints of West Side Story, her debut novel hits all the right notes.

My Review

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Someday, Somewhere is a story that I had a lot of hopes for. Lately contemporary stories are something I’ve been steering clear of; however, the plot of this story sounded interesting and different so I thought I would give it a chance. I was very disappointed. The writing style didn’t jive with me. It was either clunky and choppy or it was riddled with run on sentences. The inner dialogue was cheesy and the characters were not likeable… at all.

Dom is a girl from a poorer family and she works with her mom in their laundromat. She goes on a field trip and sees a boy she can’t stop thinking about. He literally walks right past her and doesn’t even notice her; so close in fact, that she can feel the breeze on her arm. She makes loads of poor choices, i.e. going to New York to look for some random stranger she saw once, and taking clothes that the most popular girl at school dropped off at the laundromat…Yes, she “borrowed” clothes. She repeatedly asks herself “Who even does this?” … If you must ask yourself this you shouldn’t be doing it.

Ben is a violinist that is from a more well-off family than Dom’s. As previously stated he walks right past her at one of his shows and doesn’t even notice her. Next thing we know Dom is asking Ben on the street if he knows how to get to a certain train. He turns and sees her and suddenly she’s the most beautiful specimen he’s ever seen. He can’t stop thinking about her and even goes so far as to post flyers all over NYC looking for her.  Yes, the girl he didn’t even notice the previous day, he now can’t stop thinking about.

Throughout the book the characters do nothing but lie to each other and to the people around them. They are completely ridiculous and unrealistic. The characters aren’t easy to relate to and the whole story just didn’t work for me at all.

This book is available April 3rd, 2018. 


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